SUNDAY RECAP: Are you ready to be a better friend and witness for Christ? Yesterday we kicked off our sermon message series with a look at common excuses we often use for not engaging the real needs of people in our world and Peter’s challenge to always BE READY in 1 Peter 3:15. This coming Sunday, we’ll examine the God Questions: Answering Atheists, Agnostics, and the Spiritually Curious. More info on the series at

>> Audio from Sunday –
>> Notes from Sunday –
>> Tell Someone by Greg Laurie – – our small group has been going through this study on sharing our faith and I can’t recommend it more! Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll connect you with the videos.

A Call to Prayer – Attached is a daily prayer guide that Francine Oynes put together for Bridge Church. Join us this month for praying for unity, etc. as we seek God’s help for some challenges and opportunities facing our church in the coming months.

A few Thank You’s, etc.: 
>> Thanks to everyone who endured the A/C issues at the Museum for our first Worship Gathering of June!
>> Thanks to Gina Welch for organizing our Kids Camp Fundraiser! We raised $666. We have 19 going to camp this year! Be praying for our campers.
>> Thanks to Missie Hawkins for sharing her testimony about the Bridge Ladies Spring Bible Study. Next Ladies Grow Group in the Fall.
>> Praying for Cherish & Josh LeBlanc. Baby coming sometime between now and Wednesday!
>> Praying for Brandy Thomas as she’s with her mom in California, who is very sick from cancer treatments.
>> Praying for Evan McGinty, his Grandmother passed away in Oregon last week. Funeral was yesterday.
Yesterday was Jane & Brad’s 44th Wedding Anniversary! (it’s wrong in our directory) That’s worth a shout out!

Groups & Gatherings this Week: 
>> Wednesday, Bosarge’s Group near Bedico. Contact
>> Thursday, Hwy 1077/1085 Group will meet at the Corley’s. Dinner at 6pm. Contact
>> Thursday, Stepping Up Men’s Group at Oak Villa Mobile Home Park #71, 7am. Contact
>> Friday, Stepping Up Men’s Group at Cracker Barrell, 6am. Contact
>> Friday, Bridge Ladies Swim Party at Jane & Brad’s. Contact

Let me know if I missed anything! Have a great week!

Lane Corley


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