Bridge Church practices a Primal Faith that includes Saying Yes to Jesus, Believing Prayer, Gospel Conversations, Multiplying Groups, and Simple Gatherings.

These rhythms help us connect to Christ and His Mission of connecting others to Jesus.

The Primal Church Network is a movement of multiplying groups and churches connecting 100,000 people to Christ by 2030.

Primal Churches are committed to the mission of Connecting Disconnected People to Christ and His Mission through Five Primal Practices of the Church:

  • Saying Yes to Discipling Making – Prioritizing Jesus’ mission of making disciples above all.

  • Believing Prayer – Mobilizing prayer for the lost in SELA and beyond.

  • Gospel Conversations – Equipping everyday disciples to share the Gospel with everyone, everywhere.

  • Multiplying Groups – Gathering people around the word of God and the Great Commission.

  • Simple Gatherings – Utilizing existing community and neighborhood space to bring families together for Worship, Encouragement, and Equipping.

Together, we pursue values of:

Simplicity and Reproducibility

Utilizing existing community and neighborhood space to make disciples who make disciples.

Shared Resources

Multiplication and stewardship of everything owned to share the gospel with everyone, everywhere.

Apostolic Initiative (No Place Left)

Prioritizing places with least amount of Gospel Witness in SE Louisiana and beyond.

Radical Generosity

Prioritizing Missions and Ministry giving over Campus Expenses.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

Pursuing God’s mission through the gifts of everyday believers, not just professional clergy.

Unbranded Ministry

Prioritizing Kingdom expansion over church or ministry brand or individual church success.

Is the Primal Church Network for me?

Are you interested in planting a Primal Church? Would you like to connect your church to the Primal Practices, Values, and Vision?

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