Connect with Bridge Church’s Men’s Ministry for a Summer study that will propel you forward toward Christlikeness and courage in your journey as a man. This study will begin the week of June 3rd and finish up the week of August 5th.

See the trailer for this study HERE.

How you can progress through this study:

1. Group Participation – we’ll offer at least three Group Discussion opportunities during the week. Just showing up for a group will be beneficial to you.
2. Workbook – The workbook has three short lessons each week for you to work through personally, called “Time on the Trail.” So if you’re traveling and miss a group meeting, you will not miss a beat.
3. Book – If you are a reader, there is also a book form of this study called Stepping Up.
4. Videos – There are companion videos on Right Now Media that will enhance your experience during this summer study.

You’ll finish this study understanding the Five Steps of Manhood, how your past has shaped you, erosion issues in your life that have a chance at derailing you, and a vision for your life and family based upon God’s unique design for your life.

Sign up for this Summer Men’s Study HERE.

Current Group Meeting Times:

1. Sunday AM – 7:30-8:15am at the Maritime Museum (begins Jun 3)
2. Thursday PM – 7-8pm at Oak Villa Mobile Home Park #71 (begins Jun 7)
3. Friday AM – 6-7am at Cracker Barrell in Covington (begins Jun 8)