Bridge Church Relocating to Regal’s Hollywood Theater

Q & A:

  1. Really? Can churches meet in movie theaters? Yes. About 800 churches around North America currently meet in movie theaters. And Regal has a great team to help churches transition to theaters for worship or for other events. 
  2. Where will we have kids ministry? Most churches rent one theater for worship and a 2nd and 3rd theater for kids ministry. Nursery can be set up in the wide hallways or large lobby area.
  3. Why the Movie Theater? Our Lead Team began to consider a new location over the last few months. We looked for a space that would allow us to stay portable, give us room to grow, and be idea for reaching new people for Christ. The Movie Theater was our only option that provided each of these.
  4. What will change about our current ministry? Not much. We will have more room to grow. Our setup time will change. We’ll have cup holders. We’ll continue to have Faith in Action Sunday’s and all current ministries of Bridge Church.
  5. What’s the timeline? July 29th is our next scheduled Faith in Action Sunday. We’ll use that Sunday as a first preview service, with FIA Projects being outreach to the surrounding community. August 5th & 12th will be first official services with a Grand Opening being August 19th.
  6. What can I do to help?
    • Connect with a Team – Bridge Kids and Connections Teams will be meeting soon to make plans. Watch for opportunities to attend these meetings.
    • Pray – This will be a great opportunity for evangelism and bringing new people to Christ. Begin praying for friends that you can invite. Pray for our leaders as we plan and prepare. Pray for unity.
    • Give – On our last Sunday at the Maritime Museum, we will take a special offering for our relocation. Pray about what God may have you give toward this important transition for your church.

Get a glimpse of what it’s like to have church in a Movie Theater here: