Connect with a Family Group or Bible Study

“Life change happens best in circles, not rows.”
Getting involved in a group that forms in a circle is different than sitting in a church with rows.

– In a circle you look someone in the face.
– In a circle there is dialogue & conversation.
– In a circle, you let down your defenses & engage.

These are critical elements of the kinds of relationships that bring life change.

Connect with one of our groups:

Sunday Mornings, 8am – Covington – Men’s Group at the West St. Tammany YMCA
Contact Lane Corley for more info –

Sunday Evenings – Mandeville – off Dove Park Rd.
Contact Jon & Francine Oynes –

Sunday Evenings – Mandeville – off Causeway Approach
Contact Josh & Cherish Leblanc –

Sunday Evenings – Madisonville – off Hwy 22, near Bedico
Contact Brandon & Allie Bosarge –

Monday Evenings – Covington – Ladies Group – at the Northlake Crisis Pregnancy
Contact Francine Oynes –

Thursdays – Madisonville – off Hwy. 1077, near Brewster
Contact Lane & Heather Corley –

Thursdays – Madisonville – off Brewster Rd.
Contact Evan & Angie McGinty –

Fridays – Mandeville – PJ’s on Hwy 59
Contact Jon Oynes –

Fridays – Madisonville – Ladies Group at Abita Roasting Coffee Shop in Madisonville
Contact Heather Corley –

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