Bridge Church’s Affiliation

Bridge Church is a Protestant, Evangelical, Bible-Believing Church. We consider other churches of like faith & practice as partners in the Gospel. We desire to support & partner with all other Bible-Believing churches to bring the Good News about Jesus Christ to the world.

WE HAVE CHOSEN TO AFFILIATED WITH THREE GROUPS OF CHURCHES through financial partnership & regular fellowship:


1.The North Shore Baptist Association ( – 90 churches that work together in a local missions effort.

2.The Louisiana Baptist Convention ( – 1,600 churches that cooperate together in a state wide missions effort

3.The Southern Baptist Convention ( – 48,000 churches that cooperate together in a worldwide missions effort.


As we voluntarily contribute to these three ministry partners we assure that other churches are started and needs are met all around the world.

    • It is the largest association of Christian churches in America – the SBC is made up of over 48,000 churches and 16 million members
    • It is the most diverse association of churches – SBC churches include every race, nationality, and ethnic group
    • It is one of the fastest growing association of churches – the SBC begins almost five new churches every day in the United States
    • It is one of the most missions minded association of churches – the SBC supports almost 10,000 missionaries in North America and around the world.


    • It allows our church to identify with other Christians around the world known for their commitment to God and the Bible.
    • It allows os to participate in the largest Christian missionary organization in the world. Through contributions to the SBC we help support over 10,000 missionaries in over 100 countries.