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Bridge Church follows these 3 rhythms: Gatherings, Groups, and Teams. Gatherings are for SURRENDERING our hearts to God. Groups are for SHARING our lives with one another. Teams are for USING our gifts for the good of the church and community.

Our current Teams are:

CONNECTIONS – Purpose: To connect people to Christ and to the Bridge Church family.
DISCIPLESHIP – Purpose: To help people KNOW, identify with, and GROW in Christ.
MISSIONS – Purpose: To provide opportunities for every person to be On Mission for God and others.
CARE – Purpose: To provide care for one another through support, prayer, compassion, and servanthood.
NEXT GEN – Purpose: To connect kids 0-16 to life in Christ, On Mission, For Others.
ADMIN & FINANCE – Purpose: To provide frameworks & integrity to congregational life at Bridge Church.

It’s our belief that God empowers and uses ordinary people for the work of his kingdom. Our teams provide opportunities for us to access his power for helping people and multiplying the Gospel to the world.